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"It is a privilege to work with Kathie Johnson on any project. Her creativity and enthusiasm not only make you believe but allow you to experience wonderful creatures and effects for your production.  From interactive actor puppets to a legion of Roman soldiers, Kathie has created fantastic props and costume pieces for our Theatre.  Whether it is crating faithful representation of established characters from BLUES CLUES or inventing fantastical Giant heads for the BFG, Kathie excels in craft, communication and delivery.  Her interaction with the production team, as well as the crew and actors that have to actually use and manipulate her creations is superb.  Whenever we have a specialty creation, we turn to Kathie first, last and always."


Bruce Tinker

Executive & Artistic Director

Grand Rapids Civic Theater


"I loved what Kathie did for my character, Veta Louise Simmons in Grand Rapids Civic Theatre's production of Harvey.  I  had recently lost about 20 pounds and teach voice and movement at the college level, so I went to our costumer to ask if there were any way to make Veta look any less "fit".  He hired Kathie to make a "fat suit" for me.  The results were so amazing that I didn't have anyone ask about it! The one time I mentioned it to a friend after a performance she said,  "Oh, I'm so glad you said something!  I thought to myself, 'Gosh Nancy looks really heavy on stage!  If she looks like that I wonder what I look like!!"  Perfect! 


Nancy Wagner

Professor, Grand Rapids Community College


"Adding Kathie to our directing team was like getting a shiny brand new theatrical bag of trickes covered in lycra and perfectly shaped foam.  Kathie took old random set pieces and transformed them into something magical; the mark of a true theatre artist.  It was great watching Kathie take volunteers with no experience, and share her knowledge and skill with them to help produce magnificent scenery.  A "win win win" for our show."


Jan T. Fair

Lighting Designer


"Kathie is a miracle worker! I remember when she first started experimenting with foam and I quickly watched her grow into a true foam artist. She works very closely with the directors to understand the physical needs of the costume or pieces.  We did BLUES CLUES together and those designs were durable and actor friendly.  However, her best work is when she does a production design from scratch as she did with PINKALICIOUS.  She is incredibly creative within the design concept of the production.  Because of her amazing talents, she allowed Grand Rapids Civic Theater to expand our productions into the world of foam and all the possibilities that provides. "


Pennelope Notter

Associate Director, and Director of Education Grand Rapids Civic Theater,

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